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Put the Brakes on

Breast Cancer!

Brakes for Breasts. Technet Professional Shop.
Give or get up to $40. Brakes for Breasts. Help put the brakes on breast cancer. Technet.

You can get or give up to $40 on a TechNet Professional Prepaid Mastercard with the installation of Wearever Platinum Professional brake pads.  Or you can choose to donate the funds to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. All you have to do is schedule your vehicle's brake service before the end of October. You can book online by clicking below!

Brakes for Breast donation
Brakes for Breasts donation
Brakes for Breasts donation

Helping the Local Community

Check out the poster below to read how PSS  helps our community and why we chose them! If you have any further questions related to PSS or other health programs they offer visit their website by clicking here.

Help us support women in our community. Project self-sufficiency.

Here at Quality Automotive, we wanted to do more, specifically for our local community. In conjunction with our 2021 Brakes for Breasts campaign, we will also donate the proceeds from our Pink Products to Project Self-Sufficiency (PSS) of Sussex County.

t-shirt for sale. socks for sale. ribbons for donations.

Pink Products:

Our 2020 Campaign!

Thank you so much for helping us put the brakes on Breast Cancer! Here is the donation raised during this year's campaign towards breast cancer awareness and supporting our local community members battling this horrible disease. All your generous donations are greatly appreciated! We are so happy that we could come together and make a difference even if it is just a small one.


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Project Self Sufficiency 2020 brakes for breasts campaign.
Quality Automotive gives check to project self-sufficiency.
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