Coping Through Bingo

By Ashley Bradish


Back in 2021, during the craziest news stories and events, I would often hear, "I didn't have that on my 2021 bingo." I guess it was a way for people to take bad experiences and use humor to cope.

So it wasn't long before I started saying it as well. And I was able to say it plenty of times. From funny things like the return of sea shanties to tragedies like the death of Betty White (which absolutely destroyed me). Referring to 2021 bingo made me smile in the hardest of times. I hope it can help you all as well for this year, and all the years to come.

So here is a list of my predictions for 2022, and if any of them happen, I promise I'm not a witch.

2022 bingo card

Want to make your own bingo card? I made mine here. It is a free site called My Free Bingo Cards, and they have a good variety of designs. You can also choose how many boxes you would like on your card and put an optional free space.


(When you finish your bingo card, you don't have to buy prints. Just right-click on the card and save it. Or, if you are on your phone, hold down on the card to save it.)

Ok, My Free Bingo Cards, I believe I am entitled to an endorsement check now. 🤣