10 Out of 5 Stars
Cabo, Mexico- A Perfect Wedding Destination

By Ashley Bradish

In late November of 2021, my uncle had a destination wedding at a top-notch resort in Cabo, Mexico. At first, I was hesitant to travel so far for a weekend. Sure enough, we had to take a connecting flight. Which, on top of traveling internationally, turned out to be a pain in the butt! Through each inconvenience we faced, I would say to myself, "This better be a magical wedding!"​

Not only was the wedding gorgeous and touching, but The Cape Resort was the best resort I have ever visited. The food was fantastic, the staff was friendly, and the views of the ocean and rock formations were breathtaking.















Resort Wedding Reception Rooftop Party
Outdoor Wedding Reception at Night

My favorite Mexican dish that I tried during my stay was enfrijoladas. It was a corm tortilla filled with crumbled aged cheese and succulent mushrooms. And on top, sliced avocados and a black bean sauce. It was the perfect breakfast and an exotic choice for any vegetarians looking to experiment!

The drinks at the resort, though pricey, were excellent as well. Our room came with a complimentary bottle of tequila along with spice-covered jellies for a unique tequila shot. I was not a fan of the jellies, but the tequila was so smooth, you could drink it with no chasers.

The resort even had a swim-up bar! And yes, it was as dangerous as it sounds. I may have spent too much money on margaritas over the weekend, but they were too delicious to stop! Since I am allergic to pineapple, I could not try the resort's signature cocktail, The Cape. But from what I heard, it was fantastic.

The reception was on the rooftop. First, the non-processional guests headed up for a cocktail hour while the wedding party took pictures by the beach. During this time, guests signed the guest book, took fun pictures to add to the surprise collage, and got to know the rest of the family.

The reception dinner was set up beautifully with string lights, flowers, 

and candles. The bridesmaids sang Broadway songs, we played

games, and the nostalgic songs got everybody on the dancefloor.

The night ended with an incredible fireworks display. Explosions of

all colors were right in front of us on the rooftop.

We left Cabo the following morning and faced more inconveniences

getting out of the country and making our connecting flight. But in

the end, the trip was absolutely worth it.

So if you're determined to have a perfect destination wedding, my

suggestion is to go to Cabo, Mexico, and get married at The Cape Resort. It will be an experience you and your guests will never forget.

The only drink I did not like was a cucumber-infused margarita served at dinner the night before the wedding. This was disappointing- because surprisingly, I was getting tired of only drinking margaritas! If I could have had one day without my pineapple allergy in Mexico, I would have drunk all the Pina Coladas they had!

The wedding was held over a balcony-like ledge overseeing the ocean. The sun was setting low in the sky, and the air was still and warm. The flowers and displays were lovely and complemented the surrounding native flora perfectly.