Foods for Moods
Powerful Brain Foods To Add To Your Shopping List

By Ashley Bradish


Like in Life, “Ash”ually's last edition, Holiday Foods You Can and Cannot Feed Your Pets, let's talk about food. But this time, let's discuss foods that you should try.

(Too much? What can I say, I love to eat!)

Foods That Can Make You Happy

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate eases stress and increases your endorphin levels. But what chocolate doesn't?



Mushrooms have plenty of Vitamin D, which is great for boosting your mood.



Fish like salmon are full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is packed with healthy fats that improve how your body feels and functions. Omega-3 acids are also great for your skin and hair!



Grapes are filled with an abundance of antioxidants proven to elevate moods. Eating fruits gives your body more energy, allowing you to do more of the things you love!



Probiotics like yogurt have a calming effect that helps reduce aggression.



Magnesium-rich foods like pumpkin seeds, avocados, and nuts help balance serotonin levels. They even have some metabolic advantages. Low magnesium is also linked to low energy. Keeping yourself active and busy is an important step in fighting off depression.



Foods That Can Improve Your Sleep Habits


Cherries are high in natural melatonin. So the next time you're about to take a melatonin supplement, try having some cherries instead.



Honey has plenty of glucose, which makes you less alert and, as a result, more tired.



Turns out bananas are a strong natural sedative. They're high in potassium which is essential to a good night's sleep.



Vitamin B has many benefits, and beans are chock-full of them. Beans have been used to treat insomnia and anxiety for a long time now, so they must be doing something to help.



Foods That Can Help You Focus


Blueberries have proven themselves to be the ultimate brain boosters. They are great for communication between brain cells. An Alzheimer's study even proved blueberry supplements increase senior brain function and memory.



Fruits with Vitamin C and glucose sugars keep you alert and help you think clearer. Don't have too much, though! Too much sugar can result in heart disease, impaired memory, and more.



Turmeric contains curcumin, which helps new brain cells grow. The more brain cells you have, the better you can focus, right? I'll need some more turmeric and brain cells to know for sure.



Love it or hate it, broccoli is full of Vitamin K, which is crucial in making vital fats that get packed into brain cells.



Of course, everyone's body is unique and will react differently to certain foods. So try a few of these out and see how you can improve your lifestyle with a slight change in diet. What do you have to lose?