Time After Time Change
Your Daylight Savings Checklist

By Ashley Bradish

Well, that sure went by fast; it's already time to turn the clocks ahead! Seems like yesterday we set them back and were excited to sleep in.


For some, waking up earlier can make this the worst time of the year. I am one of these people.


So here are some things to put on your checklist to at least make the transition a little smoother.


1. Replace your clock batteries

The last thing you want is to sleep in because your alarm doesn’t go off. If you work on the Sunday of Daylight Savings, be sure that all your clock batteries are fully charged. If you use your cellphone as an alarm in the morning like I do, be sure you have it charging overnight.


The excuse, "My alarm didn’t go off." doesn’t hold as much power as it used to. And even if you won't be working Sunday, fully-charged clocks and appliances are never a bad idea.

2. Start swapping out winter clothes with spring clothes

The warm weather isn’t here to stay quite yet, but that doesn’t mean you can't get started on your wardrobe switch. For me, this means switching the left and right sides of my closet. I’m sure those of you with a lot of clothes have a separate location for your off-season attire.

Get a head start and begin the transition piece by piece from items you won't be wearing (winter gloves, bulky snow pants, etc.) to items you'll start wearing (light sweatshirts, tee shirts, etc.)

3. Clean out your car

It’s almost time for Spring Cleaning! Kick it off by going through your car. You may be surprised how much you throw out.

4. Patio and backyard prep

Soon, you’ll be hosting barbecues, hanging out by the pool, and playing with your dogs in the backyard. Ensure your patio and yard are ready after a long season under the snow.

Mow your lawn, clean up any debris or leaves, and tend to any flowers or gardens.


Having to wake up an hour earlier is hard enough on its own. I hope these tips will prevent further struggles with this season’s time change.

Good luck, everyone! (I know I'll need it)