The Lifetime Oil Change Package

Quality Automotive is proud to introduce the Lifetime Oil Change Package!

This package covers the cost of oil changes for the life of your vehicle and encourages routine maintenance so you can keep your vehicle running longer.

Lifetime Maintenance Membership Cards.png

Clients are expected to get routine maintenance on their vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to, tire rotations, wheel alignments, fluid services, and replacement of filters, brakes, and wiper blades.

Once you purchase this package, you're protected from price rises of oil, filters, and labor!

Club Agreement Form Coming Soon!

Why Should You Invest in Your Car's Maintenance?

  • Maintenance to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

  • Lifetime Oil Changes at a Low Price

  • Higher Value When You Trade in or Sell

  • And So Much More!

What if I sell my car?

Not a problem! We can help you setup a new Lifetime Oil Change Package on your next vehicle, plus you will save 20% off the price of a new package for your next vehicle.

Whoever buys your car has the option to transfer the Package for a small fee.

What about the other cars in my family?

If you have multiple vehicles in your household, we will give you 10% off the price for every Lifetime Oil Change Package purchased after your first initial purchase.

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