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5 Essential Items Everyone needs In Their Car

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How much time do you spend in the car? Have you ever encountered any mishaps or travel fouls while driving? Let's face it, sometimes our least graceful moments are in the car. We try to multitask by eating or drinking that well-deserved cup of coffee we just ordered from Dunkin Donuts. The problem is, sometimes we aren't fully prepared for what the day has in store for us and we are missing out! Cars are basically uncharted storage territories. They come equipped with hidden compartments and extra spaces just for us to store stuff. So why don't we take advantage and start with 5 essential things everyone needs in their car.


Have you ever been on your way out and as soon as you park the car it starts to pour? I feel like it happens to me all the time and I have yet to taker my own advice when it comes to the first item on our list, UMBREALLS! Keeping an umbrella in my car would, not only, fix my relationship with rain but it would also save me a lot of wasted time doing my hair. Although keeping an umbrella in your car won't just save your hair from getting wet, it will also serve as a great way to stay out of the beating sun. Yes! They have a windproof & UV protective umbrella like this one on Amazon.


Picture this, your on your way to work, minding your own business just driving along in your car when BAM! That deer that's had it out for you, ever since you beeped your horn at her last week, jumps in front of your car and your coffee catapults across the center console. This is one of those moments that everyone and I mean everyone, wishes they saved the napkins from the Dunkin Donuts bag the previous morning. So let me just state the obvious and say that the second item is NAPKINS. Really though, it's ok, I got you covered! Here are an amazon napkin holder everyone needs!

Change of Clothes

Keeping a change of clothes is imperative for many reasons. The first being, as stated above, the risk of spilling something on your self is real. You don't want to walk into the interview with a ketchup stain on your freshly pressed button-up. The second would be those spontaneous moments when your bike riding and decided to run through a mud puddle. Having a fresh set of clothes will make that drive home a little less miserable. Lastly, it is always good to keep a set of clothes in the car in preparation for break downs. You never know when you might get stuck with a flat tire and have to change it in the freezing rain or snow. Having that fresh set of clothes will give you peace of mind, knowing you can change into something dry and warm. Check out these dry packs, to help keep your stuff dry in case your ever in a wet situation.


Sticking with a warm topic, a blanket could be life-saving in a bad situation. Yes, it can serve as a handy thing when you're having an unexpected picnic, but it can also mean all the difference if you break down in a desolate area and have to wait a while for help in cold weather. Imagine how thankful you'd be to have a warm blanket if your car won't start when its below freezing outside and the tow truck is an hour out. Thinking ahead is never a bad idea and these thermal blankets help warm you up.

First-Aid Kit

Hear me when I say, NO CAR IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A FIRST-AID KIT. People giggle at me sometimes when I say that I have one of these in my car at all times. You seriously never know when you'll need one and it never hurts to have one. There are so many to choose from but it's important to have one with all the necessities. For example, an ice pack, Band-Aids, gauze, Neosporin, medical tape, and more. This one from Amazon is pretty good, but there are larger ones out there that are even better.

I am not saying that having these 5 things in your car will mean the difference between life and death, but it will be life-changing. What are your essential care items? Let me know what I may be missing by commenting down below!

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