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5 Healthy Habits To Start in 2021 For Your Car

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How do you take care of your car? Some people take their vehicles to their favorite local mechanic when something breaks or sounds off and then never return until something else breaks. Isn't taking care of your vehicle more important than that? If you think about it, cars are investments. They take us from point A to point B, and for most of us, there is a point C, D, E, and the list goes on. Sometimes it seems like we never get out of our cars. We rely on them to do their jobs so that way we can commute to ours, pick up our kids from school, and get groceries for dinner. So, why not take care of your vehicle the way it takes care of you. To kick off our new year, let's look at 5 healthy habits to start in 2021.

First, keep up with oil changes. I know I sound like a broken record, but this is so important. Not doing this can lead to more expensive repairs in the future, and no one wants that. When you visit your auto shop, most places provide you with a small sticker. This sticker is placed on the upper left driver's side windshield. It gives you two indicators of an exact mileage number and a date. You schedule your oil changes according to whichever comes first. It's that simple. Compared to most repair costs, this is an inexpensive, easy habit to get into, and we highly recommend it!

Our second habit is, maintaining and check your tires regularly. I know this can sound pointless at first. Why check your tires? You'd obviously know if something was wrong, wouldn't you? Wrong! Yes, you'd most likely know immediately if your tire was flat, but a lot of other things could be happening that the average eye wouldn't notice. Such as; your tire's wear and tear. Are there any leaks that could be slowly releasing tire pressure? These are things that we all should be paying attention to. Tires are not cheap, so getting the most miles out of them is preferred.

This next habit is more work, but so worth it! Habit number three is cleaning your vehicle inside and out! Cleaning can be a chore, but to some, it can be a form of relaxation. Why should this be a habit? Well, cleaning the exterior of your car can prevent rust, improve visibility, and remove dirt and debris that can be damaging to the paint and shine of your vehicle over time. Cleaning the inside of your vehicle helps prevent illness. In fact, up to 700 different strands of bacteria can be found in the average car. Plus, keeping your car clean keeps it looking newer for longer. Who doesn't want a new looking car?

Habit number four is checking around and under your car for fluid leaks. This is something you should do every morning before you start your day. Things happen, and sometimes we don't notice there is an issue until it's too late. The last thing anyone wants is to become stranded because of a simple leak that could have been avoided if caught sooner. For example, if you have a gas leak and are unaware of the problem, a good indicator of this issue is your gas gauge on your dash. Are you going through gas quicker than normal? Maybe it's time to take a peek underneath and look for a small puddle or drip. Often, you will also notice a strong smell, when you're in close proximity to your vehicle.

Finally, habit number five is paying attention to indicators and signals your car is showing you. Our cars are excellent at notifying us when things go wrong, but it's up to us to pick up on the signs and take care of them. So, when lights show up on your dash, or you notice something out of the ordinary like an order, a feeling when driving, or even a faint sound you've never heard before, DON'T WAIT! Bring your car to your trusted auto shop and figure out the issue. Not doing this right away can lead to, not only expensive repairs down the road, but it can also prove hazardous if parts were to fail such as your brakes or steering. The saying, "Better safe than sorry', speaks volumes in the automotive industry, so be safe, not sorry, and listen when your vehicle speaks to you.

If you have read this far, thank you! And to show my appreciation, I have a little gift just for you. I have created a car care habit tracker to assist with keeping track of your services and when you receive them. This will help make it easier to keep up with these habits and take care of your car in the best way possible. Do you have any habits to add? Tell me in the comments below!

Click here to download your Car Care Habit Tracker


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