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5 Reasons Why We're Different

Updated: Aug 23

Have you ever been to a business that seemed a little clueless? Have you ever wondered whether they told you that you needed something just to get a sale? What about the places that talk in a circle until you get so confused that you give in and buy the product or service? Sometimes it's hard to tell who is trying to impress you or stress you, especially in the automotive world. So, we put together a small list of 5 reasons why we are different and why we are PROUD TO BE QUALITY!

We Find & Report

Sometimes things can go unnoticed. Sometimes, a problem that causes you to bring your vehicle into a shop is hiding another problem. For this reason, we perform a 45- Point Digital Inspection. Our digital inspection contains a specific list that our technicians check, covering the car top to bottom. From headlights to transmission lines and from A/C operation to tire tread, they check it all. This inspection allows us to see the condition of your vehicle, know what is due or will be due for maintenance, and keep detailed records every time you come in for service. Keeping these records makes it easier to spot problematic differences. The best part about this is that we send the report straight to you, along with photos of your vehicle, and a photo of the friendly service technician that performed your vehicle's digital inspection. So you know what your vehicle needs and who is performing the service, making it easy for you to stay in the know and keep your vehicle safe and up-to-date.

Education, Education, Education!

We like our customers to know all their options before they make a decision. So we make sure to let you know exactly what your options are by sharing our inspection findings. We take the time to explain how the failing system operates and why the service or repair is important. We may also share with you any prevention tips and any future care that could be beneficial and/or save you money. Education is key to us here at Quality Automotive, and we feel that customers who understand their vehicle are more confident in services and products than someone who is unaware.

Knowledgeable Staff

Although this kind of falls under #2, we think it deserved to be on the list simply because it is a whole different type of education. We want our staff to succeed so we are always participating in classes, seminars, and events to stay on top of our game. Our technicians attend classes offered by Napa, CTI, Snap-on, and industry manufacturers in order to learn about all the new-age technology and techniques that are becoming or have become a part of the automotive world.

Keeping Your Options Open

Everyone likes options, and they like to customize things to their liking. Some parts are non-negotiable, as we refuse to use inferior parts, but there are some parts that you are free to choose whatever brands you prefer. Tire brands such as; Mastercraft, Goodyear, and Michelin, etc. are a good example as to the kind of brands we are able to offer. You are always free to request a specific brand of parts or accessories, and we'd be happy to have that discussion with you.

Social Quality

By using social media to promote sales and share events, we keep our customers up-to-date with all the happenings here at Quality Automotive. We participate in community events and host our own events and social media is how we let our customers know! We introduce our staff, share blogs, and memes. We host polls, share funny and interesting videos. We love using social media to share our talents and our knowledge.

We work hard every day to do our absolute best and offer the highest in "Quality" services and products. We strive to make car care easier and to set the standard for automotive repair everywhere.

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