• Ambre Guterl

How Do You Know You Found The One? (Car Care Home)

Updated: 7 hours ago

Do you love your automotive repair shop? How do you know if you found the right one for you? When looking for an automotive repair shop, most people search by prices alone. This is NOT a good way to look for a shop. Good value for the price is always a highlight of a good business, but how do you know if that business is good? I am going to give you 5 things to look for in an automotive shop, that will show you found the right one for you! Let's get right into it...

#1 Reviews

If you are considering an automotive shop to be your new car care home, search them on Google first. When you do this you will get their contact info and access to their website, and also read their Google reviews. Reviews say a lot about a company, no matter what type of business it is. When you look at reviews, check out the number of reviews they have. If a business only has few reviews it's difficult to determine if they are a good shop based on the reviews. For example, if three people review one pizza place and it holds a rating of 4.5 stars. Then fifteen people reviewed another one sharing the same rating of 4.5. Which one would you order from? I'd be more likely to go with the one with the most reviews. Reviews don't tell the whole story about a business but they allow you to make an educated decision. By hearing customer experiences from the customers themselves.

#2 Current Social Media Accounts and a decent following

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, @Qualityauto1996 Qually from Quality Automotive
Our Social Media Accounts and handles!

Social media is everything. In fact, 3.96 Billion people use social media today.--That's 51% of the world's population! Many businesses use social media to advertise. Using social media platforms like; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They'll share promotions, giveaways, and fun contests. They will even post announcements on closures, delayed openings, and holiday hours. Social media is a great way to determine if an automotive shop is your match. It shows the relationship between them and their customers. Who doesn't want that from the people in charge of keeping you safe on the road?

#3 The shop passes an audition!

Denise, Mike greeting a customer at Quality automotive in Blairstown, NJ
Greeting a customer with a smile.

No one wants to go to a shop that looks good on paper but comes up short when interacting with you. If you're still unsure about a shop and want to get a decent feel for who they are or what they do, give them a call or stop by. Ask them either over the phone or in-person if they have a moment to speak to you and tell you more about their business. Ask them what kind of services they offer and how long they have been in business. Ask them what their business hours are. You can always get a good idea of what a business is like by how they respond to these questions. If they are short and non-descriptive when they answer, that is a good sign of how they handle business. This doesn't mean they are a bad shop by any means. But, isn't a friendly interactive organization better to do business with? You want a place that will treat you as the valued customer you are!

#4 The shop looks and feels good

Quality Automotive Blairstown, NJ Waiting Area, Front office
Quality Automotive's Front Office/ Waiting Area

There's a stereotype about automotive shops and the technicians that work in them. Some say they are dirty, unorganized, and careless. This is the farthest from the truth. Yes, businesses like that exist, but they make the rest of us look bad. When you walk into a shop you should feel welcomed. Shops may even have a refreshment table with coffee and snacks.

It should be clean, organized, and uncluttered. This should also carry-over into the bathrooms. When you walk in you shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable. The techs should be clean and when you get your car back, it should be clean and free of greasy fingerprints as well. Most shops want to make a good impression, so look for a shop that looks welcoming with good signage. That's always a good sign!

#5 The shop has good communication

Quality Automotive staff communicating and working together. Quality Automotive Blairstown, New Jersey.
Staff Members working together and communicating.

The last thing anyone wants is to go to a shop that doesn't communicate with one another or not at all. Communication skills are crucial. In fact, you'd think auto shops would be excellent at this since they talk with customers all day, right? So why settle for the wrong kind of shop? A shop that communicates will make fewer errors, and be more efficient. That sounds like the shop I want to go to!