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I'll admit it--I love shoes. Not only are the right shoes an important part of an outfit, the correct size and fit are essential to your comfort and stability.

These Prada shoes, inspired by American Classic Cars, are incredible!

The same is true for your vehicle's tires. Just like you would never wear work boots to the beach, it's important to choose the right tire for your vehicle and your driving needs.

Studded snow tires

Just like the snow boots you wore as a kid, you need to remove your snow tires after the danger of snow has passed. Depending on your driving habits, your snow tires can last 3 or 4 seasons.

All-terrain tires are great on those construction sites, unpaved country roads, and camping sites, but they're noisy and give you a bumpy ride on a smooth highway.

High performance, low profile tires look great and perform well on dry roads, but driving in the snow is like wearing stilettos to play a game of hoops.

Just like shoes, which come in a variety of styles, there are many different tire manufacturers and tread designs. Shoes come in many different colors, and it used to be that tires were basically black but could come with a red stripe, white wall, or raised white lettering. Now apparently, there are lots more options!

Size does matter. Your vehicle's manufacturer has installed a specific tire on your vehicle for a reason. While it's possible to use a different size tire on your vehicle in order to raise or lower the clearance, it's a good idea to check with a tire professional about which sizes are okay to use on your vehicle. Changing the tire size without consulting an expert could affect your anti-lock braking system.

Tires are usually replaced in pairs. You wouldn't get just one new sneaker, would you? But keep in mind that AWD vehicles require that all 4 tires get replaced at the same time.

Having your tires rotated is very important. (Check your owner's manual for the required pattern for your vehicle.) Tires are expensive. Rotating your tires extends the life of your tires. Every other oil change, or 6-10,000 miles, is the usual recommendation.

So. There you have it. Any questions? What color tires would you choose?

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