• Ashley Bradish

Putting Off Maintenance on Your Car?

Updated: Aug 23

Here's why you shouldn't:

A 2021 study by Utires revealed that around 92% of car owners admit to putting off car maintenance for over 30 days. And those are the people who admit to it!

The study also found that, as a result, the average American car owner spends an extra $1,193 over their car's life span.

Ratchet+Wrench says these are the most common neglected repairs that go undone for 30+ days:

Good and Bad Tire Tread Comparison

  1. Cracked windshield, 42.4%

  2. Wheels out of alignment, 35.3%

  3. Overdue oil change, 31%

  4. Bald or worn-out tires, 27.3%

  5. Check engine light on, 26.4%

When you put off maintenance or repairs, you're risking:

Safety Hazards:

The safety of your vehicle plummets if it is not being properly maintained. Parts become rusty, fluids go bad, and small problems become much bigger.

Ignoring needed repairs (even the small ones) will allow for bigger issues to develop. Your engine, brakes, and other essential parts could stop working while you're driving. Whether it happens on the backroads or the highway, you put everyone on the road in danger.

Lowering Your Car's Value:

If you plan to sell your car or trade it in, you’ll get a lot more money if you can prove you've kept up with maintenance.

Without necessary repairs and maintenance, the value of your vehicle will suffer. It will be a lot harder to sell, and you won't get a great offer if you are trading it in.

Expensive Repairs:

When you put off a repair, it becomes more expensive the longer you wait. But the good news is maintenance eliminates the need for many repairs!

Routine maintenance lets you catch vehicle problems before they become a repair job. The longer a problem sits, the more complicated it gets to fix. You are also taking the risk of those problems spreading to other systems in your vehicle.

Technician Working on a Cabin Air Filter

Having tune-ups and routine maintenance on your car will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Bring your car to Quality Automotive. Our experienced technicians will make sure your vehicle is safe for you and your family to drive.

Call 908-362-9555 or request an appointment online here.

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