• Ashley Bradish

What You Need to Know About DVI's

DVI's; you've probably heard of them before. And if you're a client of ours, you've had experience with them from your visits. Auto shops all over the country have been moving from paper inspections to DVI's. But what exactly are they?

What is a DVI?

DVI stands for Digital Vehicle Inspection. A DVI is an electronic inspection of a vehicle using a handheld device. Using a tablet or smartphone, technicians can take pictures of any problem areas on a vehicle. Technicians can then save that report and text or email the findings to the client.

Technician Taking a Photo of a Car's Undercarriage

How we use DVI's at Quality Automotive Repair, LLC.

Quality Automotive's DVI process is easy and effective for all our technicians. First, the technician takes photos of the vehicle using the provided tablets. Our technicians take extensive photos as a part of Quality's "Courtesy Check" protocol. During these courtesy checks, the technicians check:

  1. The Vehicles Exterior - the windshield, wiper blades, headlights, etc.

  2. The Instrument Center - Mileage, warning lights (CEL, ABS, tire lights), A/C operation, etc.

  3. The Underhood - The battery, drive belt, hoses, air filter, etc.

  4. Fluids - Coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.

  5. The Undercarriage - The brake lines, exhaust, power steering lines, etc.

  6. Brakes - brake lining, rotors, brake flex hoses, calipers, etc.

  7. Steering/Suspensions - steering, front and rear suspensions, and CV axels.

  8. Struts/Shocks - the front and rear struts and shocks.

  9. Tires - air pressure, tread depth, and uneven wear.

We call this our "45 Point" system.

How do DVI's work?

DVI's are not as complicated as they sound. Quality Automotive makes good use of our technology by using easy-to-use electronic platforms. First, the technician takes all the photos listed above. Then, those photos get sent to the 'cloud' where our Service Manager can review them. Based on the images, the Service Manager will calculate a price for what needs to have work done. Then he will call the client, send them the pictures, and ask if the client would like to proceed with those repairs.

DVI's allow us to get a better look at your vehicle. They let us check for any vital issues that technicians could have missed otherwise. Our main goal at Quality Automotive is to keep you and your family safe, and DVI's help us do that better!

Technician Checking Tire Tread and Taking a Picture

So why use DVI's?

DVI's are great resources for auto shops and clients! Don't believe me? Here are a few of the many reasons auto shops are going digital:

1. Consistency

With handwritten reports, each auto shop's prognosis will be different. One shop may say your tires are in "okay" condition, while another says your tires are in dire need of repair. All auto shops that use DVI's will have the same reports with the same diagnostics.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Customers get a better understanding of what is wrong because they can see it. This clarity saves time for both the client and the shop. Customers can also trust the technician much more than they would without photos.

3. Communication

There won't be any need for long, confusing phone calls. Images make the discussion easier for the client and the auto shop. The client can now spot the issues and understand the Service Manager's suggestions.

DVI Pros and Cons

DVI's are becoming the norm for auto repair shops. Here at Quality Automotive, we use DVI's to ensure shop efficiency, customer satisfaction, and consistency. To learn more about our DVI's, give us a call at 908-362-9555 or make a reservation online here.

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