• Ashley Bradish

Why is My Transmission Fluid...?

Updated: 7 hours ago

When your transmission fluid changes colors, it's trying to tell you something. But what does each color mean?

Transmission Fluid Flush


Clear, red transmission fluid will work the best. This color means the transmission fluid isn't contaminated or dirty. It will protect the transmission and help in shifting gears.


Your transmission fluid should never be pink. As stated above, red transmission fluid is clean and new. The colors can look similar, but be sure to look carefully. Pink fluid means water or coolant has mixed with the transmission fluid. The diluted fluid will cause damage to the transmission.

If your vehicle is leaking pink fluid, bring it to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Orange or Light Brown

If your transmission fluid is orange, it is in okay condition but is getting old. As long as it is still transparent, you don't need to rush to change it. But be sure you change it before it turns darker brown or thick.

Brown or Dark Brown

Around 30,000 miles, your transmission fluid will turn brown. An opaque, brown transmission fluid means it is filling with oxygen and will stop working.

If your transmission fluid becomes brown or opaque, have it changed as soon as possible.

Have your transmission fluid replaced with Quality Automotive. Call to make a reservation at 908-362-9555. Or request an appointment online.

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