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Why Is There an Air Bubble in My Tire?

Updated: Jun 2

If you ever look at your car and think, "What the heck is that?" it's not usually a good sign. If you find a strange new bump on your tire, you may be thinking just that. So what is it? And how did it happen?

Air Bubble In Tire Sidewall

Certain conditions can cause your tires' sidewalls to swell into a bubble.

You can prevent air bubbles with sensible driving and routine tire checks.


The most common source of air bubbles in tires is potholes. If you can avoid hitting a pothole, steer clear of one. If not, slow down as you drive over it.

Driving Habits

Rushing over speed bumps and veering off the road can also cause air bubbles. You should also check where you park to make sure there is nothing on the ground that will damage your tires. Try to avoid parking near curbs or speedbumps.

Tire Pressure Gauge Tool PSI Measurements


Inspect your tires to catch any

developing issues before they become dangerous.

Use a tire pressure gauge to inspect your tire pressure regularly. If your tire has a PSI that is too high or too low, it could develop a bubble.

If you leave a tire's air bubble, the tire will blow out; leaving you stranded with a flat tire.

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